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PLOT (architect)
Proposal: September 2006
Klovermarken is one continuous green lawn the size of 30 football fields. In spite of its location right in the center of Copenhagen, the lawn is surrounded by small industries and used only by occasional football players and dog walkers.
The architects proposed to deal with the problem of housing shortage in Copenhagen by establishing a 3 km long perimeter block surrounding the entire lawn, bending and curving around existing buildings and club houses. Large arches create connections to the surrounding areas, and the height of the building varies in respect to neighbours and views to the historic skyline of Copenhagen, creating a Great Wall of roof gardens and terraces. The Clover Block injects public life to the area, and contains 3000 new apartments without sacrificing a single football field.--http://www.big.dk/projects/klm/klm.html

Keywords: the clover block, Klovermarken, apartment block, residential structures.
2000s (2000 - 2009)