Layered System, Rest Area: Student project by Joseph N. Mathias, 2006

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This was a student project by Joseph N. Mathias for Luke Kautz's ARCH 241 course, Autumn 2006. Project description: "To understand the relationship between a landscape and built environment we researched layered systems. The deep surface found in the construction of ships was used as a diagram to produce compressive and smooth spaces for a rest stop. By inverting the compartments of a ship, the smooth surface (exterior of a ship's hull) interiorized to accept traffic, while the compartments containing program moved into the landscape." -- Joseph Mathias This work is a part of the online collections of the Knowlton School of Architecture Student Archives, The Ohio State University. It is part of an effort to make accessible student work ranging from the first student that graduated from the program in 1903 to the present. Keywords: student work, KSA, drawings and plans.
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