Library, Delft University of Technology

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Addison Godel (was created by)
Mecanoo Architects (architect)
"The grass roof of the library is freely accessible for walking and lounging, creating a new amenity for the whole campus. It is supported by slender steel columns in a huge hall enclosed with canted, fully glazed walls. The base of the slope to the west is marked by a broad flight of steps leading up to a recessed entrance. A huge cone pierces the green expanse, articulated by a 1500 mm wide necklace of glazing in the plane of the roof. Supported on splayed steel columns, the cone houses four levels of traditional study spaces connected by a helical stair. Within the cone, a central void provides daylight from a glazed roof to the internal reading spaces. The apex of the cone is formed by an open frame. Extending forty metres above grade and floodlit at night, the cone acts as a beacon on the campus day and night. " - Keywords: Netherlands, South Holland, institutional buildings, school buildings.
1990s (1990 - 1999)