Saint John's Abbey and University Church

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    Overall view with bell banner in front of north-facing wall of church
    3/27/2011 (creation)
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Marcel Breuer (architect)
1958-1961 (creation)
North and Central America->United States->Minnesota->Collegeville->Saint John's University
Saint John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota is a Benedictine monastery, the second-largest Benedictine abbey in the Western Hemisphere. Saint John's University is an apostolate of Saint John's Abbey. The church features cast-in-place concrete with giant, trunk-like stems that support the ceiling and a dominant bell banner that shields the widest, north wall of the trapezoidal church. In its undercroft is a chapel that contains the relics of Saint Peregrine. The hexagon or honeycomb supported north window was one of the largest stained-glass structures in the world at the time (60 feet high and 168 feet wide, with 430 hexagons of stained glass), designed by faculty member Bronislaw Bak (1922-1981). The honeycomb structure symbolizes the strength and connection of the abbey community.
Twentieth century (LCSH)
Modernist (AAT)
steel-reinforced concrete
stained glass
2700 in (length)
2160 in (width)
780 in (height)