Maritime Navigation Museum

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Sunghoon Lee (designer)
This student project by Sunghoon Lee was produced Winter 2012 in Jacqueline Gargus's ARCH 242 class. "Visitors in the open spaces can admire the view toward the monument or toward Downtown, and they can enjoy maritime related maps and instruments in the enclosed spaces. The vertical circulation core, demarcated by the green translucent walls, serves as the pivot of the entire building, and each floor spreads out from the core with its own shape to provide certain spaces. Also, each floor slab is offset from one another to allow light inside as much as possible. To accommodate the program the building extends one level below ground. The frosted glass floor in front of the main entrance provides visitors a plaza and also becomes huge skylight windows for the staff underground. The ship room is located on the fifth floor where the view gets liberated from the adjacent buildings; people at the monument square get the view of the ship models floating above the buildings." --Sunghoon Lee
2010s (2010 - 2019)
ARCH 242
Academic Class