Mauritskade Apartments, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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"Sited in the Dapperbuurt area of Amsterdam, twelve luxury apartments sit opposite the anthropological museum, Tropenmuseum. This prominent location, adjacent to one of the city's canals, sits on a triangular piece of land that is otherwise full of 19th century structures. In addition to the twelve apartments, the program called for parking and commercial space, both fitted into the ground floor. According to the architect, "a mix of vertical and horizontal lines were chosen for the for the elevations to match the existing 19th century buildings." As the facade wraps, stone stacked vertically next to its neighbor gives way to a horizontal expression at the corner and back to verticality on the other street. So on both sides the building attempts to relate to the stacked, punched openings of the existing buildings... ...the entries to the apartments are contained in separate lobbies. Doing this avoids long corridors but also allows for the greatest amount of window space for each unit, again appropriate for its location. But it is the varying floor plates and the curved corner that give the project its main identity." --
2000s (2000 - 2009)