McCracken Electrical Substation, The Ohio State University

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Lorrie McAllister (was created by)
Lincoln Street Studio (architect)
The Ohio State University hired Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems of Ohio to execute a campus-wide electrical service upgrade project, in simple terms, to 're-wire' the entire university. Part of the project was a co-generation study of electricity at the McCracken Power Plant. While this option was not entertained by the Trustees, it was not altogether ruled out for the future. Thus, the new McCracken Electrical Substation is part of a long term plan to allow co-generation facilities to exist on the site as an extension of a Substation building which can stand alone forever if necessary. The Substation building encloses the functions of separate structures, an electrical equipment building, an emergency generator building and a transformer yard - all within a single architectural form. The building is constructed of structural clay tile and rough stone at the base, industrial and strong like its neighbor, with large areas of louver and glass as internal functions demand. Submitted by Lorrie McAllister.
2000s (2000 - 2009)