Millesgarden, Stockholm, Sweden

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John P. Schooley Jr. (was created by)
Carl Milles (sculptor)
Garden built in 1906-1908
Located on a cliff on the island of Lidingo and overlooking Stockholm's Vartan Harbor, Millesgarden hosts more than 140 replicas of Swedish sculptor Carl Milles's works. It was originally built as the sculptor's private residence and workspace and donated to the Swedish people in 1936. St. Martin Fountain (1955) illustrates Saint Martin on horseback sharing his cloak with a beggar. This is a replica of the central figure in a fountain made for Kansas City, Missouri. Originally in 1950s, the Lower terrace was laid out in grey granite. Carl Milles paved the entire Lower terrace in a red-toned sandstone from Transtrand in the Swedish provice of Dalarna to make it look like a Roman piazza with playing fountains. Lower terrace has St. Martin Fountain (1955), Faun (1951), Angel (1951), the Father on the Rainbow (1946-49), Angel Musicians (1949-50), the Hand of God (1954), Sunglitter (1918), Peace Monument (1936), Europa and the Bull (1926), and many more sculptures. This image was taken in 1969 by John Schooley, FAIA, during an Urban America tour. Urban America tours allowed architects and planners to visit New Towns and meet professionals involved in their planning and continued development. Key words: Sweden, Stockholm, Stockholm Sculpture Garden, Millesgården, sculpture, column, outdoor spaces, figures, pond, hydraulic structures, Lower Terrace, site and landscaped elements, residential structure, housing, house. Submitted by John Schooley, FAIA.
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