Museum of the Mycenaean Colonisation of Cyprus, Paphos, Cyprus

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Diane Dagefoerde (was created by)
Andrea Bruno (architect)
The first ancient (Mycenaean) Greeks who emigrated to Cyprus at around 1200 B.C.E. after the fall of the Mycenaean Kingdoms in mainland Greece settled in what is now the Coral Bay area. The Museum offers an archaeological narrative of the Mycenaean colonization and subsequent hellenization of Cyprus. The museum was designed by Andrea Bruno, architect. The museum's roof is made of copper. Cyprus was famous in antiquity for its copper resources and the word 'Cyprus' is derived from the Greek word for copper, 'Kupros'. Keywords: Cyprus, Pafos, Paphos, Maa-Paleokastro, Coral Bay, exhibition structures, archaeological museum, colonization. Submitted by Diane Dagefoerde.
1980s (1980 - 1989)
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