Neighborhood Crumple: Student project by Alison Greulich, 2007

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Alison Greulich (designer)
Robert Livesey (studio professor)
This was a student project by Alison Greulich for Robert Livesey's ARCH 441 course, Autumn 2007. Project statement: "This project is a high rise tower in the Arena District in Columbus along the Scioto River. The program called for a number of different amenities, both residential units and concierge hotel rooms, along with multiple retail/commercial spaces, a theater, pool, health club and restaurant. Initially, a number of formal studies were completed as an investigative exercise to analyze form within the urban context and as a dense, vertical organizational strategy. Through these formal studies emerged the 'neighborhood crumple.' Each neighborhood acts as its own conglomeration of units that can take advantage of the multiple outdoor community spaces. These outdoor areas allow for the promotion of community development, especially in residential areas, adapting to allow a number of different uses upon the many 'ground planes in the sky.' Each neighborhood's structure allows two sides of these 'cubes'; to be open-ended, giving the added benefit of natural light and individual terraces."
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