NormCORE: Classics with a Glitch

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Sara Kline (was created by)
Kristy Balliet (studio professor)
Spring 2015
The proposal of the studio was to design an efficient office building with spaces for corporate rent-outs, start-up spaces, as well as multi-purpose event spaces. The design problem was laid out as establishing the normative and introducing the glitch through well-known architectural devices. My project deals with the classical arcade and an active atrium to accommodate these glitches. The arcade either changes scale abruptly, jumps floors structurally, or creates new facades from different views in order to gain new amenities such as hierarchy of entry, new circulation, and individual identities that would be absent in a classical arcade design. The active atrium assists in these goals by providing different angles and environments in which the arcade glitches can occur. Secondary goals in this project that result from these systems are the shifting of wall and mass to blur the line of what is structure and to break down the scale of the building. It also slightly affects the view and path of the pedestrian, L-train rider, and the driver to force them to take notice of the building and the variety of programs that lie within.
2010s (2010 - 2019)
ARCH 4420
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