O-Plex: Student project by Stephanie Donovan, 2006

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This was a student project by Stephanie Donovan, Spring 2006 for Jose Parral's LARCH 356 course. "The first phase of the project began with studying field hockey motions to examine precisions of human performance and with cataloguing processes of water use and of water purification using the Living Machine. After the research was compiled into a booklet, the second phase of the project was used to identify varying scenarios including subjects from wildlife to foreign exchange students. These users informed the program of the project and led to a pro forma diagram, which ordered the particular degrees of program components. The third phase of the project used the previous research as tools to define the program physically and theoretically upon the SWACO landfill. The final site plan included a water channel that fluctuated in width and depth according to program and forms in previous research." -- Stephanie Donovan Keywords: student work, KSA, United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Grove City, drawings and plans.
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