Ohio Highway Patrol Radio Station

8/15/1993 (creation)
This is Herrick Archives Number H 459 located on the Ohio State University campus. Shown here is a site map of the Ohio Highway Patrol Radio Station built in 1934. It is presumed that the building and its additions were constructed by the Highway Department or by another state agency. Within the building's life time three additions were made: one to the south containing basement and furnance and one to the east containing teletype equipment, and another to the south. Altough the exact measurements are not known, the following approximate dimensions have been taken from drawings for Married Housing Project No. 1: - Main building (heavy outline on sketch on preceeding page of this report) -- 45' x 60' - Transmitter housing (east of main building) -- 8' x 8' - Tower base (east of transmitter housing) -- 18' x 18' The tower blew down in 1956 and a new one was erected at New Albany. The remaining building, fence and paving were all removed in 1959.