Palace Square, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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John P. Schooley Jr. (photographer)
Palace Square connects Nevsky Prospekt with Palace Bridge leading to Vasilievsky Island. The earliest building on the square is the Rococo-style white-and-azure Winter Palace of Russian tsars (1754-62). The southern side of the square (in the image) was designed in the shape of an arc by George von Velten in the late 18th century. The bow-shaped Empire-style building is located with a double triumphal arch crowned with a Roman quadriga. Designed by Auguste de Montferrand, the Alexander Column (1830-34) is located in the center of the square. This red granite column (the tallest of its kind in the world) is 47,5 metres high and weighs approximately 500 tons. This image was taken in 1969 by John Schooley, FAIA, during an Urban America tour. Urban America tours allowed architects and planners to visit New Towns and meet professionals involved in their planning and continued development. Keywords: Russian Federation, Rossiya, Leningradskaya Oblast, St. Petersburg, outdoor spaces, . Submitted by John Schooley, FAIA.
18th Century (1700 - 1799 CE)