Paterson Hall, The Ohio State University

1953, bids received;1952;1954
Paterson Hall is Herrick Archives Number 103. It is officially named "Alma W. Paterson Hall" in honor of Alma Wacker Paterson. It is alternately known as the "Women's Dormitory- 12th Avenue Project", "Women's Dorm D". It is often incorrectly spelled "Patterson Hall", and is part of the "South Dorms". Paterson Hall is located at 191 West 12th Avenue. The building from its opening has been used as a girls dormitory, except for certain room set aside for guest suites. The address for the guest suite was 187 West Avenue. Paterson Hall is constructed of reinforced concrete with a brick exterior. The General Contractor was James I. Barnes Construction Co.. Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, The Ohio State University, institutional buildings, school buildings, site plans, Alma Wacker Paterson.