Pfahl Executive Education Building

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Kallmann McKinnell and Wood Architects, Inc. (was created by)
Cooper Robertson and Partners (was created by)
Karlsberger Companies (was created by)
The John K. Pfahl Executive Education Building is located at 280 W. Woodruff Ave. on the Ohio State University campus. It is shown here as Herrick Archives Building Number PH 253. The architect was Karlsberger Company, the signature architects were Cooper Robertson & Partners and Kallman McKinnel & Wood, and the general contractor was Dugan & Meyers Construction Company, Inc. John J. Pfahl was a professor of finance and chair of the finance department at Fisher College. This project was built on the site of the Fisher College of Business as part of Phase II. Other projects included in this project are Fisher Hall (Herrick Archives Building PH 249), Gerlach Hall (Herrick Archives Building PH 250), Schoenbaum Hall (Herrick Archives Building PH 251), Mason Hall (Herrick Archives Building PH 252), and Blackwell Inn (Herrick Archives Building PH 254). Pfahl Hall is an executive education building with classrooms, offices, a dining room and a kitchen that was built in conjunction with the Executive Residence project.
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