Piazza Piccolomini

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Piazza Piccolomini is also known as Piazza Pio II. It is the center of the urban structure of Pienza. The Duomo, Palazzo Piccolomini, Palazzo Borgia (a.k.a. Palazzo Vescovile), and the Palazzo Pubblico (or City Hall) all face the piazza. This image shows the plan of the Duomo, Palazzo Piccolomini, Palazzo Borgia, and the City Hall. In order to give greater emphasis to the facade of the duomo and to create a kind of natural scenic backdrop by opening up a view of the landscape behind it, the architect set the two main buildings' axes, to either side, unaligned with that of the duomo. The result is an irregular trapezoidal piazza. Keywords: Italy, Siena, Pienza, ceremonial and/or religious structures, outdoor spaces, plaza, public buildings. Submitted for ARCH 601.
15th Century (1400 - 1499 CE)
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