Pierce County Environmental Services Building, Chambers Creek, Washington

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The Pierce County Environmental Services Building is a 50,000 SF office building situated on the waterfront of Puget Sound. A main feature of the design was to ensure the transparency and visibility of the sustainable building techniques: "Building and site systems have been brought to the surface for all to see. Interpretive exhibits throughout the building and site will educate those using the site on how to build, work and live in an environmentally responsible manner. The design provides for a more humane work environment through the introduction of natural light, interior vegetation and views to the exterior. Space planning was designed according to the European model where no desk is more than 30 feet to a window. Staggered office pods, or 'chimneys', in the open office area, contain individual offices and act to buffer various departments while providing visual transparency through the structure. The 'chimneys' also admit natural light, provide locations for interior planters and are instrumental in the mechanical system design." --http://www.millerhull.com/html/index.htm?http%3A//www.millerhull.com/html/institutional/ESB.htm Keywords: United States, Pierce County, Chambers Creek, commercial structures. Submitted by Sabrina Sierawski, recipient of the 2006 Whitaker Traveling Fellowship.
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