Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

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Robert Lewis Garrison (designer)
Robert Livesey (studio professor)
Autumn 2008
North and Central America->United States->Pennsylvania->Pittsburgh
This was a student project by R. Lewis Garrison for Robert S. Livesey's ARCH 441 course, Autumn 2008.
"The project was to replace the existing seminary on the site while also adding a very large amount of housing program. Instead of just covering the site with program the large square footage increase was used to create two towers to be a new symbol not just for the seminary but for the new park on the site and as well as the new public program including a theater, recreation center, library, and cafe. The new seminary was not to just have a presence just in the surrounding neighborhood, but to have a presence from afar even to downtown. The housing towers act as a main gateway into the new site from the corner. But the major most used gateway is from the parking below. From the parking below pedestrians enter the site up into a courtyard pond which the all the program has been tightly organized around creating a unique experience." -- R. Lewis Garrison
2000s (2000 - 2009)