Qingpu, China

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Timothy H. Crowther (photographer)
Qingpu is a historic city located in the outer suburbs of Shanghai. It is famous for its natural waterways, which have been used as a primary mode of transportation for centuries. While it has long been overshadowed by neighboring Shanghai and other surrounding, wealthier cities, it has recently become an important satellite city due to an influx of foreign multinational companies such as Dupont. This growth is being led by Qingpu's mayor, who has implemented a sustainable planning program designed to preserve the city's historic waterways. Water taxis (like those used in Venice) provide transportation for tourists and locals. In addition, the mayor is attracting a high number of international practicing architects by giving them free artistic rein on building projects. Info from: http://archrecord.construction.com/ar_china/featureQingpu-1.asp Keywords: China, People's Republic_access of China, PRC, city planning, outer suburbs, growth. Submitted by Timothy Crowther.
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