Quonsets 1-4, The Ohio State University

  • Date
    9/1/2008 (creation)
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Roth-Schenker Corp. (was created by)
1947 (accepted for use by The Ohio State University)
Quonsets 1-4 were Herrick Archives Numbers 159-62. They were located at the rear of Building 977 at 1000 West Lane Avenue on The Ohio State University campus. At least 159 and 160, and possibly 161 and 162, were war surplus buildings erected on the campus as temporary buildings after World War II. Buildings 159 and 160 were constructed by the Roth-Schenker Corp. for the Federal Works Agency as part of Veterans Educational Facilities, Building VIII. They were initially used as horticultural laboratories, and for storage and related activities in connection with operation of adjacent orchards and fields.
1940s (1940 - 1949)
concrete block walls
corrugated metal