R. W. Setterlin Building Company, Columbus, Ohio

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October 19 2008 at 20:00
The R. W. Setterlin Building Company was founded in 1935 & is currently led by the 3rd & 4th generations. Originally this was the site of the Andersons Concrete headquarters. The site selected was a brown-field w/ two abandoned structures both of which were rehabilitated. This area has begun redevelopment as an office park & the new facility fits into this context. An addition is attached to the back side of the original office building with a warehouse next door forming an interesting construction complex. The front facade is now to the rear of the building which gives the facility a view to their own private green space as well as views to down town. The original building was composed of 3 separate additions. The 4th addition is a 3 story glass atrium. The base of the atrium sits in an excavated area adjacent to the original rear of the building. The original concrete foundation walls in the atrium have been cut-out & the first floor windows have been cut-out as well. This opens up the office spaces to allow natural light in & exterior views of the new sculpted terrace. The culmination of the space is a 3rd story mezzanine conference room that allows views of the entire atrium & the down town beyond. On the exterior; reflective roofing both white vinyl & standing seam silver metal were used as well as low e glass through out. A geothermal system was installed using two exterior wells on the southern end of the site. The mechanical space is a 3rd story stand alone room, hidden behind the atrium & covered by an extension of the main canopy; this cleared up floor space for program below. The atriums main space uses radiant floor heat as well as exposed spiral duct work through out. The R. W. Setterlin Building Company has applied for GOLD LEED status.
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