Shanghai Grand Theater, Shanghai, China

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Tongsue Ly (was created by)
Jean-Marie Charpentier (architect)
ARTE Charpentier Architects (architect)
Located in the People's square, the historical center of Shanghai, the Shanghai Grand Theater is a visible landmark as well as a major cultural building in the city. Accommodating 1800 people, the opera house is capable of hosting western classical repertoire. The height of the entrance encapsulates the entire height of the building. The glass facade is suspended by cables in order to enable the facade to be transparent, homogeneous and crystalline. The exterior architecture addresses strong elements of the Chinese culture, interpreted into a contemporary language. The plan is based upon a square, which represents the Earth in Chinese symbolism, while to curved roof of the building is an arc, symbolizing the sky. The size of the building has required the most sophisticated technologies in order to construct the glass facades, while the structure required 7,000 tons of steel. -- Keywords: opera house, People's square, plaza, performing arts structure, cultural facility
People's Republic_access of China (1949 CE - Present)