South Campus Central Chiller Plant, The Ohio State University

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2013, expected completion;2010
This building is being constructed. It is located at 1662-1800 Cannon Drive (official address not yet known). The South Campus Central Chiller Plant (SCCCP) will initially be a 15,000 ton plant, and ultimately built to 30,000 tons. The plant will serve the OSU Medical Center and the 12th Avenue research corridor facilities. The plant has chillers sized at 2,500 tons, initially to produce a firm capacity of 12,500 tons and total capacity of 15,000 tons. One chiller is in reserve to satisfy cooling requirements (N+1). At full build out, the plant will have 27,500 tons firm capacity, and 30,000 tons of total capacity. Of the 27,500 ton firm capacity, 17,500 tons is designated for OSU Medical Center facilities, and 10,000 tons for the 12th Avenue research corridor facilities. The initial phase of the SCCCP will include standby generator capacity to operate 4500 tons of chilled water production dedicated to the Medical Center during a utility power outage. 719 feet elevation is the reference level for SCCCP system pressure.
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