Stadhuis, Louvain

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1439-1468 (construction);1829-1841 (1st renovation);1893-1907 (2nd renovation);1962-1983 (3rd renovation)
Europe->Belgium->Louvain (translated: Leuven)
The magnificent town hall of Leuven can be admired at the Grote Markt (Market Square), a traffic free market square. This Brabantine Gothic style mayor's house has harmonious dimensions and rich decoration of the walls making the town hall a shrine of medieval splendor. The biblical stories become expressive and often with the necessary humor told.
Three architects worked for the construction: the architect Sulpitius Van der Vorst (1439), Keldermans (1439-1445), and Mathijs de Layens (1447-1468). It was Mathijs de Layens who gave the flamboyant Gothic look to the building.
The town hall holds a total of 236 statues representing artists, scientists, historic persons and other people that played an important role in the history of the city.

Keywords: Belgium, Flanders, Vlaams-Brabant, Louvain, Louven, public buildings, municipal buildings, city hall, town hall, sculpture, decorated facade. Submitted by Hazel Morrow-Jones.
15th Century (1400 - 1499 CE)