Stansted Airport, London

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Mason White (was created by)
Norman Robert Foster (architect)
Foster and Partners (architect)
"All service distribution systems are contained within the 'trunks' of structural 'trees' which rise up from the undercroft through the main concourse floor. These trees support a lightweight roof which is freed simply to keep out rain and let in light. The concourse is entirely daylit on all but the most overcast of days. The constantly changing daylight gives the space a poetic dimension and also has significant energy and economic advantages - running costs are half those of any other British terminal. Further energy savings are made because the building is dug into its site, and this also helps to reduce its impact on the surrounding landscape." - Keywords: United Kingdom, England, Greater London, transportation structures, airport terminal, interior spaces. Submitted by Mason White.
1990s (1990 - 1999)
High Tech