Steeb House (original location), The Ohio State University

1960 ca.;1900;1925
The Steeb House was originally located on the northeast corner of Neil and West Twelfth Avenues. Its new location was one block south on West Eleventh Avenue. It was moved to make space for a President's Residence (Herrick Archives number 959) Architect: Professor H. C. Lord; General contractor: Hugh J. McTeague. This building served as residency for the Lord family and, later to Carl Steeb, Business Manager Emeritus. Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, The Ohio State University, OSU, Herrick Archives building numberH 204, institutional buildings, school buildings, multistory buildings, masonry unit construction, residential structures, housing. University Archives Image # X22929.
1900s (1900 - 1909)