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Stores & Receiving, The Ohio State University

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Holroyd and Myers (architect)
1986 (The Ohio State University leased land to DBS Development);1987 (building opened);1989 (food facility addition);1990 (opened)
Stores and Receiving is located at 2650 Kenny Rd. on the Ohio State University campus. It is shown here as Herrick Archives Building Number 381. This building was designed by Holroyd & Myers, and completed in 1987. This building was constructed on a site leased by the University to DBS Development Co. under a lease-back agreement, whereby the lessee constructed the facility and leased it back to the University for 18 years, after which the title would pass to the University.
1980s (1980 - 1989)
steel frame construction
metal panels
103,724 ft ()