Student project by Erica Schroeder, 2004: Redesigning the city of Grandview, research and technology center

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    7/15/1999 (creation)
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This was an undergraduate student project by Erica Schroeder for P'Elizabeth Koelker's ARCH 441 course, Autumn 2004. This project was about redesigning the city of Grandview, research and technology center. "The city of Grandview lost the one cooperation that provided the main source of revenue in the year 2003. In order to regain it's resources back, Grandview is asking for site proposals of the "once was" industry area. The business and industry district are situated by the main highway connecting surrounding suburbs to attract the surrounding areas of Columbus. Each sector is retained while refusing the expansion of the industry. Green space is considered more valuable than money. Situated in the center of the business district is the Research and Technology Center. Both the city and the research centers goal is revenue. This is approached by attaching an "information belt" to the generic interior space. " -- Erica Schroeder
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