Student project by Joel Burke, Kevin Smith and Nikalete Fellows, 2005: Structure, Skin, Wall

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This was a graduate student project by Joel Burke, Kevin Smith and Nikalete Fellows for Andrew Kudless's ARCH 341 course, Autumn 2005. "This project was begun as a study of how individual components can integrate into a system and how that system can then have effects on its surrounding environment. A sub-strategy was the deformation of a common material, in this case Plexiglas. This deformation or deformations can then begin to allow the material to work in multiple ways, both structurally as well aesthetically. Each of these units was hand formed and coded visually to allow us to build a library of the available pieces. As the effect of light was the driving concern we focused our attention on the layering, overlapping and combination of different opacities of our newly formed units. This overlapping was achieved through a process of dimpling that allowed each of the pieces to attach to one another. For construction we used a simple nut and bolt fastener that we accented with washers to further enhance the visual connection of the various pieces into the network of the whole."-- Joel Burke, Kevin Smith and Nikalete Fellows
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