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    Images of Installation Creation
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Katie Sims (designer)
Spring 2008
North and Central America->United States->Ohio->Franklin (county)->Columbus->Easton Town Center
This was student project by Katie Sims for Kay Bea Jones's ARCH 784 course, Spring 2008.
Project statement:
"The project involves an experiential installation that produces social and emotional displacement. My interest in this area involves creating environments that provoke a reaction against the norm for a predetermined, controlled response. This encounter with art alters a person's intuitive response to an environment, and an emotional reaction occurs. Is it possible to control an environment to the extent of those found in today's popular video games where you choose your character and control their interaction with their surrounding environment?
The results of this project informed a joint project for both the public art seminar held through the Arts College on public space and the Architecture Honors studio. Ideas that arose from research into displacement were applied to the design of my final installation, and its relation to the site, located within Easton Town Center (ETC)." --Katie Sims
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