Student Project (2007) - Multi-Income Housing and Hotel Towers

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    Floor Plans
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Laura Sewall (designer)
Robert Livesey (studio professor)
This was a student project by Laura Sewall for Robert Livesey's ARCH 441 course, Autumn 2007. "The project is to design a tower in downtown Columbus which includes residential units, retail, a health club, a concierge hotel and parking. The holistic intention of the project is to maximize amenity that allows tenants to specify what sort of lifestyle the want to the lead in the complex. Three pieces are designed which contain units, public space, and park. These pieces are used in various combinations, vertically stacked on top of one another like beads on a string. Removing, rotating, and expanding some beads, allows various amenities to be formed. Removal of the structural cores to the outside of the towers cuts the needed number in half and allows for experiential vertical circulation. The towers are designed thin so as to allow one unit to occupy one or two entire floors. Without a structural center in each tower, every unit has the opportunity for panoramic views of the city."- Laura Sewall
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