Student project by Manish Kayastha and Abul Abdullah, 2007: Forest of Steel

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This was a student project by Manish Kayastha and Abul Abdullah for Lisa Tilder's ARCH 844 course, Winter 2007. "Iconic strategy of the Anti-Icon (general strategy): The intention is to use steel in an unconventional manner, to transform the traditional notion of an icon as an object building into a post industrial strategy of points - columns of steel. This scheme proposes an iconic shift from a representation of power and technology over a landscape to a dialogue of remediation and adaptation between landscape, building and historical artifact. The proposal is for a permanent scaffold that is a field, forest and building. The extreme use of steel to make it an icon and destination site. The forest gives the river an urban edge and remediates the ground by lifting the building and inhabitants off the landscape and strategic plantation. Post Industrial Museum (specifics): The proposal generates a new relationship to the ground, the sky and the site in general. The dense forest of recycled steel columns creates an artificial datum/landscape, which acts as an alternate ground for the museum and the site. Program spaces are carved from the densest part of the forest that aligns the edge of the river and are linked through a processional ramp. Screens of columns and glass enclose museum void spaces that provide an aperture through which the forest and the surrounding landscape are repositioned. The museum directs views to the river, the bridge and the Carrie furnace. Promenade: One parks across the river and enters the site from an existing pedestrian bridge that was once used in steel production. The bridge engages the museum as it transitions to the ramp, which serves as a circulation spine..." -- Manish Kayastha and Abul Abdullah
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