Temple of Saturn, Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy

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Forum: 7th century BCE-4th century CE; Temple: 501-493 BCE
The Temple of Saturn is the oldest temple in the Forum Romanum. It is located in the west end of the Forum, behind the Rostra and the Basilica Julia, across the Clivus Capitolinus from the Temple of Vespasian and Titus. There have been three temples dedicated to Saturn at this location. The first temple was torn down in 42 BCE and a new temple built in stone. This temple was destroyed by the fire of 283 CE, which destroyed major parts of the Forum Romanum. It was later reconstructed under Diocletian. The temple was of the Ionic order with six columns on the facade. The inscription on the architrave is also from this period. It reads: "Senatus populusque romanus incendio consumptum restituit"; meaning "The Roman senate and people restored what fire had consumed." The Forum Romanum was the political and economic center of Rome during the Republic_access; it held many of the central political, religious and judicial buildings in Rome. It is located in a valley between Capitoline Hill on the west, Palatine Hill on the south, the Velia on the east, and Quirinal Hill and the Esquiline Hill to the north. The Archivision Collection of Ancient Sites was funded by the Jack Martin Balcer Library Endowment. Keywords: Italy, Roma, Rome, Roman Forum, Foro Romano, Templum Saturni, Aedes Saturnus, Saturnalia, Mediterranean. Photographed by Scott Gilchrist, Archivision.
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