Terrace of Treasuries, Sanctuary of Zeus (The Altis), Olympia, Greece

6th century BCE
The Terrace of the Treasuries is a row of small buildings in the form of temples which stood on a terrace on the north edge of the Sanctuary. They were mostly erected in the 6th century BCE. They are called "treasuries" because they housed the precious dedications offered by the cities in the sanctuary: objects of gold and ivory, and vessels of gold, silver and bronze. The sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia located in the western Peloponnese was, aside from Delphi, the most important sanctuary of ancient Greece. It owes its fame, both in antiquity and in modern times, to the Olympic games which took place in Olympia every four years bringing together the entire Greek world for peaceful competition. The Archivision Collection of Ancient Sites was funded by the Jack Martin Balcer Library Endowment. Keywords: Greece, Peloponnese, Ilias, Nomos, Olympia, Ancient Greek, Mediterranean. Photographed by Scott Gilchrist, Archivision.