The Icon Spatially Considered & The Fleeting

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Marcus Myerholtz (was created by)
The three main characters in the seminal French New Wave film, Last Year at Marienbad, X, A, and M, were closely studied, and their relationships provided a spatial parti for the house. X is the Information Theorist, who is in constant pursuit of A. A represents the ideal, and M her platonic connection to the physical realm. An earlier study of human motion, The Icon Spatially Considered, was projected into the pivotal element of the house, the wall. The wall becomes a narrator of intense moments between the characters, and was derived from the spatial extrusion of affective iconography. The long, Neo-Plastician spaces of the home are intersected by five distinct sensual gardens to temper the Appolonian nature of X. In this way, relation between house and garden is blurred, and the notion of X's pursuit of A is further intensified through lengthy viewpoints, and continuous ramps and surfaces. Conversely, the perpendicular sections clarify the wall as game table, desk, escape corridor, and library bookshelves, each informing the nature of its users.Where X may pursue A, the pure, the ideal, the impossible, The Fleeting.
2010s (2010 - 2019)
ARCH 641
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