The Ma and the Mob

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    London Culture and Spirit
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Melissa Jones (was created by)
Fall 2015
With the decline in religion, technological advances, speed of culture change, and spike of social media, libraries no longer serve as mere book warehouses. They must take on a more dynamic and crucial role: the power-house of knowledge. Libraries are responsible for not only storing information, but for creating new information. People do not visit the library simply to read, but to produce essays, literature, research, business plans, and models. With such an intense and sacred function, it seems inappropriate to continue to increase the casualness of the library. Instead, the space of a library ought to have qualities of focus, clarity, sanctuary ... ma.
On the other hand, the site for this library is on the very fringe of a cultural diverse district. This area of London is packed with pride, youth, and drive. The library, being a public building, ought to celebrate the unique culture that surrounds the site. Additionally, it ought to service the public 24/7-- a library that ties together day and night life, work and play. This library is designed to function both as a peaceful place of production during the day, and a playful nightclub come dark.
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