The Meandering: Expo 2012

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Marcus Myerholtz (was created by)
The emergent technology of Quantum Teleportation became the central focus of a didactic exercise in creating an Exposition Pavilion for a Worlds' Fair in Dubai. The pavilion explores the architectonic repercussions of teleportation with the additional program of an Art Pavilion. Three distinct worlds mediate the flow of visitors travelling through both monumental elevator towers and a labyrinthine underground. In this way, teleportation is understood as both the immediate transfer from one world to another, as allowed by the elevators, and the visitors' wandering through the underground where distinct atmospheres emerge in transitioning through worlds. The Art Pavilion is a study in teleportation through time, nesting a series of iconographic and ancient projects within one another culminating in a large black box theater beneath. This imminent flow of the collective through space and time ensures that a final destination is impossible, and therefore are in a perpetual state of Meandering.
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