The New Art District - Student Project (2015)

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Shangyu Tian (was created by)
Robert Livesey (studio professor)
Spring 2015
This project sets up a new art district that interacts with campus and city by bringing together the perpendicular and diagonal mismatched street grids of OSU and the city of Columbus. Arps Hall is moved to the open space behind Stillman Hall, and scattered programs of the School of Music (Weighl Hall and Hughes Hall) are now brought together on the new site. Drake Hall (theatre) is also moved to the new site. These new volumes create an intersected object architecture at the end of Wexner Center. The extension from the white scaffolding grid of Wexner Center becomes a lobby space with clear glazing that connects programs around it. Large-scale public programs such as an opera house, theatre and auditorium are accessible from the ground floor. At the center of these intersected volumes different programs aggregate within the main lobby volume, which again emphasizes the scheme of intersection. Art and Design and Movie Image Production are now on the site of Hughes Hall. Weighl Hall is renovated to accommodate additional programs of Wexner Center. These two buildings continue to follow the idea of intersection by keeping each volume the same orientation as the main object architecture on the site of Arps Hall. The site plan incorporates the existing plinth of the Wexner Center by keeping the same scale. The two sunken courtyards at the west end make an exception to the extruded plinth of the site since they no longer act as a green area, but public open space that expands the programs of the art district.
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