Urban Landscape

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Philip Arnold (was created by)
Chris Humphrey (was created by)
David Eskenazi (studio professor)
Fall 2014
Tasked with designing an Urban Landscape for three plots of land based in the median of Central Parkway in Cincinnati, OH, a series of 9 figures were created and deployed across the site to make a field through ordered and disordered arrangements. A sense of order is developed through large figures that divide each plot into thirds which creates a rhythm across the entire site. Disorder comes from the clusters of small scale densely arranged figures that occupy the space between the large dividing figures. Circulation through the site occurs in the areas of disorder with one main path that has several smaller paths that come from and reconnect to the main circulation. Gathering spaces occur in the areas of order with the larger figures being inhabitable interior spaces. The gathering spaces, both exterior and interior, have moments of tension and compression and moments where spaces become more open and light. The views are oriented to focus on the center of the project with windows oriented away from the surrounding buildings.
ARCH 2410
Academic Class