Urban Roulette: Student project by Sarah Boles, 2007

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    8/15/1998 (creation)
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Sarah Boles (was created by)
This was a student project by Sarah Boles for John Kelleher's ARCH 442 course, Winter 2007. "The project for this studio asked for the design of a casino to replace downtown Columbus's City Center shopping mall using the mat building typology. By studying design strategies in MVRDV's Hoornse Kwadrant, a method of program distribution was manifested. Originally based on 50' x 300' hotel bars, the site was broken into 50' sections running parallel to High St. The program was then distributed according to site relationships and internal adjacencies while still adhering to the 50' module. Horizontal hotels emphasize the mat building typology while allowing interesting sectional relationships between the casino and hotel. The external urban condition is brought into the building via the car and helps to further strengthen the dialogue between the casino, hotel and the city. Visitors use the casino as means of circulation to other program while residents of Columbus are able to access the program without circulating through the casino. A dichotomy of the formal relationship between the urban condition and the infrastructure of the project arises and one is forced to choose which path to take. However, the blending of these two conditions in section, allows one to occupy both systems simultaneously."-Sarah Boles Keywords: student work, KSA.
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