Vacation House

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Philip Arnold (was created by)
Andrew Spiller (was created by)
David Eskenazi (studio professor)
Fall 2014
The Vacation House project was about creating a figural object and then creating living spaces within the figure. The figure was created by using an extruded figure ground which was rotated to emulate an axonometric view. The object was then intersected with a cube. The two shapes were then used to cut off edge parts so that only their intersection remained. This created an “Axonometric Objectâ€. From the axonometric object we added certain elements and designed spaces within the object. My project is organized around the cylindrical void in the center. On every floor you are able to see the cylindrical void in the center in a different way. On the first floor you experience it from outside, before entering the house. The second floor’s window is in the hallway leading to a bathroom, and hidden from view at first. On the third floor the window is prominent in its placement and is visible the moment you are on the floor. On the fourth floor you are able to actually inhabit the cylinder by use of a balcony. The rest of the rooms exist in the areas around the cylinder. The circulation around the house us commanded by the location of the cylinder. The cylinder is completely hidden from the outside view, and is only observable from within the building or when standing underneath it. Because of the angle of the cylinder it also takes on a different placement on each floor, thus requiring every floor to have a very different organization.
ARCH 2410
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