Vanke Center

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A suburban campus outside of Shenzhen for Vanke and SOHO property development groups which includes a conference center and hotel. It is a horizontal skyscraper as long as the Empire State building is tall designed by Steven Holl. It steps up as much as 50 meters along its length to allow views through to the lake and the ocean bay beyond. A hybrid of concrete frame and cable-stayed bridge structure supports the terminal cantilever while the free-form landscape conceals the subterranean conference center and spa. It has a LEED platinum rating due to features such as geothermal cooling, locally sourced materials, green roof, and operable shading screens that adjust to the sun. The form is drawn from an object drifting ashore and exposed after the tide has subsided. The hills reference the surrounding hills. The coference room doors are hidden and form cubes. The colors reference program. Unfortunately the 2007 economic recession killed some of the detailing (some of the concrete is fake and panels that were originally stone are painted plywood).
People's Republic_access of China (1949 CE - Present)
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