Walker House, The Ohio State University

8/5/2006 (creation)
The Walker House, now known as the Fechko House, is Herrick Archives Number 040. It is located at 220-222 West 11th Avenue. The building was officially named the Grace Graham Walker House in 1932. The Walker House is of a wood frame construction with brick and exposed timber exterior. Plans and related documents were prepared by Howard Dwight Smith, and the general contractor was Herman C. Weller. The building was ready for use by Autumn Quarter 1931. The structure was divided into two separate units or houses by interior design, and operated as a double house, or two separate practice houses. 220 W. 11th Ave. is the southerly half, and the other half is 222 W. 11th Ave. Alternate names for the building originally included Practice House for Home Economics, Home Management Houses 1 and 2, and Home Economics Residence. In 1975 the Walker House was assigned to the Office of Residence and Dining Halls for use by the Women's Self Government Association. Since then, it has also been used as the Ann Tweedale scholarship house. In 1991 the name was changed to the Alumnae Scholarship House, to reflect that the Alumnae Scholarship Housing Program resides there, and in 2002, the house was renamed to the Fechko Alumnae Scholarship House, to honor Ruth M. Fechko, who helped the cooperative housing program for academically gifted women succeed.
1930s (1930 - 1939)